How do i get rid of an air blockage in my hot water heating?

I recently replaced an old radiator at home ( I have gas central heating) at first it seemed an easy job and no fuss, WRONG! the heating still works fine but the hot water barely gets warm, I think there’s an air lock in thr system but i don’t know how to get rid of it – my wife is now going though the I TOLD YOU TO GET SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING BUT YOU WOULDN’T LISTEN.! help me prove her wrong – PLEEEAAASE!!

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13 Responses to “How do i get rid of an air blockage in my hot water heating?”
  1. Chris Edmunds Said:

    Think you have to bleed the radiators,with a radiator key

  2. Bailey Pearson Said:

    bleed the system of air
    get a radiator key and open all the taps on the rads slowly one at a time. start at the bottom of your house and work up. you may even have to get in the loft
    if its working you will hear the air seep out of the tap.
    STOP when water comes out!!!

  3. Ava131 Said:

    There should be release vents through out the system to bleed the air out of the steam lines, don’t forget to be careful, there will be steam coming out of these lines (HOT). The system should not be hot when you do it. That is also a problem because the pressure won’t be as high and it will take longer.

  4. Kayla Herbert Said:

    i had this problem a few months ago it was a nightmare no hot water!!! what i did i got a hose pipe attached one end to the hot tap and the other in the cold tap. make sure the hot water tap is turned on and then turn the cold tap on full, give it a few minutes and the air lock should be pushed out.

  5. Yosef Hine Said:


    The FIRST thing you HAVE to do is shut the system off.

    Then go round and bleed ALL the radiators. You’ll probably have a radiator key, but if not, you’ll get one at Homebase or BQ.

    Then turn the system back on, and VOILA !! Nice hot water and radiators!

    Best of luck!

  6. Kamryn Z Said:

    Get yourself a radiator key, you can buy these quite easily from any diy shop, then bleed ALL the radiators, this should get rid of the air lock. GOOD LUCK!!!!! and STAY WARM!!!

  7. Kasey Stott Said:

    hello gary p. try this if you know much about electricity get you a volt meter and test the elements and see and so look at the top of the heater and see if theres a blow off if so lift up first stand clear may be hot GL ( good luck )and tell wife haha

  8. Noemi39 Said:

    usually if you have an air lock in the system say in a radiator only half of the the unit will get warm , you need to buy a radiator key from your local h/ware store open the the small bleed nipple at the top of the unit you will hear the air coming out when the water starts to come out close the bleed nipple (bleed the system cold)

  9. Ryan Slaughter Said:

    First thing need to find or buy the key for bleeding the radiator. Than place a empty bowl underneath the bleeding point and unscrew the bolt. you will hear the some air leaking noise, when the hot water start dropping and hear no air bubble noises. You have completed the job.

  10. Douglas Fitzgerald Said:

    check that you turned back on the cold water feed into your heating, if there is a valve on the flow coming out of your copper cylinder or boiler turn that off, then go round and turn all your radiators off on one side, turn ur heating on and give it a few mins to heat up, then go too the furthest radiator from your hot press or boiler an open it, bleed it if you must, when that one is completely hot proceed to the next one, and bleed again, an so on till all rads push the air lock back to the air fent on the boiler or cylider

  11. Lindsey Boon Said:

    If you have a mixer tap in your kitchen you can turn both hot and cold on full and at the same time stop the water coming out with a rag or something. The mains pressure will force the cold water up the hot pipe and out of the system. It does work – honest !

  12. Yasmine Longworth Said:

    you will have to drain the whole system its pretty complicated to do might be good idea and get a heating engineer to do it for you……..firstly try to bleed your radiators you might get lucky and get the blockage out.start at the top of the house and work your way down

  13. Lyric Brooker Said:

    First of all, ignore all the answers that mention taps, steam and electricity.
    Go to your airing cupboard, you will see copper pipes going into the hot water cylinder, at the top of these pipes there should be an air release, it will either have a valve on the top that looks like your radiator bleed vents, or a cap that looks like a bike tyre valve cap. Open this valve until water comes out (make sure you do this with the system turned off), this will clear the air lock. Also open the big screw on the front of your pump and make sure water drips from it (again with the system turned off).
    You should then get hot water when you turn your system back on (after it has heated up obviously)
    If this fails, turn on your immersion heater and tell your wife you’ve fixed the problem!!

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